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11 Bizarre Facts You Must Know About Russia Before You Die

"We will travel the world with the facts we're going to provide you." Are you a traveler? Do you like to be exposed to different societies? Do you want to learn about some country's facts, culture, beliefs, geography, among others? Most of you would say yes, but not everyone can afford it. Worry no more, since we can do that journey in just a few clicks, right at your fingertips! Let us be on the top of the world for this story today. Let us talk about Russia--the world's largest country with the area 17,075,200 sqm. As you may see some facts in literature and historical accounts, they're already set, and these bodies of knowledge are a bit boring. Now, let us look at its brighter, wittier and weirder side.Ready? Bon voyage. 

1. The longest railway is in Russia.

Called the Trans-Siberian Railway, is a 5700-mile railway that has Moscow on one end, up to the Asian Russian region. To complete the whole trip, it may take you almost 153 hours (152 hours and 27 minutes).

2. Believe it or not, Russia is way bigger than Pluto.

Based on the areas of two different bodies, Pluto's size just reached 16.6 M sq. km., while Russia has 17 M sq. km.

3. Saying the word 'gay' is a no-no at any point in Russia.

It is illegal to tell and promote to the younger generation that males-loving-males is possible.

4. Is McShrimp Familiar to you? Well, to Russians, it is.

Somewhere in Moscow, you can taste some kind of a seafood patty. Thank you so much for this odd but a potentially healthy idea.

5. September 12 is an obligatory mating season.

On every 12th of September at the Ulyanovsk region, men and women are urged to take 'day-off' and enjoy the day having sex, or procreation. This is for the government to address dwindling birth rate in the country.

6. Apparently, Alaska was sold.

In 1867, the United States bought Alaska from Russia amounting to $7,200,000.00. What a cost!

7. Count Russian women and you will be shocked.

Apparently, according to demographic sources, Russia's population is dominated by females. Imagine, there are 9,000,000 more women than men. That's insane!

8. Russians surpass human alcohol content prescription.

In a year, an average Russian drinks 4.8 gallons of alcohol. Scientific studies show that humans should not drink alcohol exceeding almost 2.5 gallons. Russians rule!

9. "Please, do not whistle inside our home!"

...because we don't want our money to fly away. Following superstitions does not hurt, so why not comply to it?

10. Sound proof: old style.

Rugs are normally put on the floor, but Russians prefer them posted on walls. Before, Russian walls were so thin; you can even hear sounds produced in the next room. This is their sound-proofing technology.