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Meet This Couple Who Did A 'Loving' Baby Photoshoot With A Burrito

Love - such a beautiful thing it is. It can be found in the strangest of places, in the strangest of forms. The variety in its strangeness can range from weird to hilarious, and this photoshoot of a couple loving their burrito is one that seems to encompass all there is to this range.Check it out! 

Photoshoot with a burrito.

This couple did an adorable photoshoot with a burrito, that just goes to show how varied forms of love can be!

Just look into their eyes...

Can't you just feel the love?

You have to show your affection, don't you?

Delicate handling...

Close to the heart...

So, who're the models here?

The models in this photoshoot are Austin-based comedians and BFFs MK Paulsen and Ella Gale.

“Burrito Makes Three”

These photos are part of a series named “Burrito Makes Three,” and the photographer is Erin Holsonback, a friend of the models.

And the photos do seem to meet their purpose!

So, what is this love?

You can see it as plain love for food, or see the burrito as a representation of anything that deserves love in this world!

Making sense...

Whichever way you see it, it does make sense!