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Batman v Superman: You Will Be Surprised To Know The Favorite Superhero Of Movie Stars

The new movie "Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice" is all set to release in March 2016. Amidst the ongoing battle between Batman and Superman, everyone is being forced to take a side and the movie stars are no exception the rule. In this video uploaded a YouTube channel "Total Film", several movie stars like Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence pick their favourite. So, go ahead to find out which superhero was selected more by stars. 

These movie stars were given a difficult task- to choose the better superhero between Batman and Superman.

1. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhal chose Superman.

2. Chelsey chose Batman.

3. The counselor showed his loyalty for Superman.

4. J.Law loves Batman.

5. Harrison Ford balances the score by picking Batman.

6. Roberto however, chose Superman.