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15 Things That You Need To Know But No One Told You

A school is a place where a student spends his/her entire childhood in scoring more grades rather than learning and increasing knowledge. School comprises of boring classes that make students mug up things that are done in so many repetitions in order to ensure good marks in exams. But is this the right way? By the time, students spend scoring grades he/she is unaware of about a million things happening around them. Because of less time and many things to learn in school, our teachers had to skip some major aspects of life that one should be aware of. Taking a small initiative on my own, I would like to tell some facts about the world that will never be taught in school.

1. Dangers of Lightening

Lightning is one of the most beautiful things that we see in the sky during every rainfall. Flash is capable of striking the surface of earth about 100 times per second. It causes about 2000 deaths every year and the rate is consistently increasing. The best part of this phenomenon is that it does not exceed 100 repetitions per second. 

2. Theory behind beer and mosquitoes

People who drink beer are more prone to mosquitoes than who don’t drink. Scientists haven’t figured out yet but there is a fact that a man who drinks about 12 ounces of beer will have more mosquito bites than a non-drunk man.

3. After washing hand impression

Survey has been conducted among the people about variations of hand wash. The purpose of the hand wash is to remove the bacteria’s, and the pathogens present on the surface of our hands. The experimental analysis says that when there is a lot of difference in between the time duration of hand wash, only about 10% of them is removed in 3 seconds of hand wash while about 90% of them is removed in 30 seconds of hand wash.

4. McCollough Effect

This effect is about an optical illusion that can affect an individual's vision for up to 3 months. This is a method of producing striped pictures and watching many of them will create an illusion. This single uploaded picture won’t affect you so chill.

5. Story behind Martin Luther king Junior Day

In Hiroshima, Japan after the wartime, he was the only one who wrote the letter claiming that “Japan is one of those countries who knows the dangers of war and has suffered like no other nation has ever come across under the name of nuclear disaster.” He was the one to support and consider that Japan will stand strong against every other nation for peace throughout the world.

6. Butt breathing turtle

One of the unique creatures on earth is the “Eastern Painted turtle” found in North America who can breathe through the mouth as well as butt. And the most amazing part of this creature is that it consumes less energy to breathe through butt as compared to mouth.

7. Eternity of water

One of the unique features of water is that water is capable of bending light, and this phenomenon is known “as refraction”. This happens only when the speed of light is slowed down by the water and so it simultaneously changes the direction as light travels from air to water.

8. Blimps

A blimp is an airship without an internal structure or framework. You will be surprised to know that there are only about 13 active blimps running throughout the world or we can say that’s the number of advertising blimps.

9. Effects of color on taste

Color plays an important role in the taste of food. The color of the food can make an individual predict about the food before tasting it. The lighting, the color of the plate, the color of the food, the color around the food or the surrounding also plays an important role in the considering the taste of food.

10. Destructions of pyramids

There are lesser number of pyramids left after the 1800s because there was a time when the ruler of Egypt had decided to convert all the pyramids into wells. This sounds pretty funny, and the decision was quite stupid at that time which led this to happen. He was so firm in his decision that no one could make him change his mind, but then a French engineer was able to convince him to stop under the name that it’ll be quite cost effective.

11. Theories of John Harvey Kellogg

John Harvey Kellogg was the man to publish one of the most hilarious theories of life. He thought corn flakes could help people to stop masturbation. According to him, tuberculosis, epilepsy, insanity, blindness and many other diseases were caused because of knuckle shuffle.

12. Abrupt metallic smells confusion

Scientists have come to the confusion about the metallic smell coming from change. Actually, that smell is not coming from the metal instead it comes from the skin, it happens due to the chemical reaction taking on the skin as soon as it touches iron or copper. We feel it's coming from change but it comes from the skin.

13. Usage of salt

Salt has various purposes. Only about 6% of the earth’s total salt is used for food. Generally, it is used in more quantity for industrial chemicals and removal of ice from the roads as compared to food.

14. Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins are unique aquatic animals. The uniqueness lies in the fact that they can swim even while stopping some of their organs. The time period of underwater stay can be up to 20 minutes which is quite enough.

15. Secrecy of mini pockets

There are two pockets on one side of jeans that people wear in everyday life. One of them is big and the other one is a mini pocket which is not used by people nowadays. It was used to keep pocket watches back when there was no fashion of wrist watches.