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17 Mind-Boggling Celebrity Deformities You Will Be Shocked To Know

I am quite familiar with some celebrities because I have grown to love their performances, whether in movies, series, or in concerts. I've always been updated with where Helena Bonham Carter or James McAvoy would be starring because I believe in their acting prowess.But even if we do follow these celebrities all the time, they still have these secrets that we are not so aware of. If you want to know about some of them, check out seventeen of these celebrity deformities.

1. Harry Styles

The former teen heartthrob from One Direction has millions of fans who would love to be with him every single day, but did you know that he has four nipples? That's right. But even if he does, he is not afraid to go topless.

2. Seal

Seal is a fantastic singer, but you have to admit that what also makes him memorable are the scars on his face. Were they the results of too many pimples? Nope. Seal actually has an autoimmune disease called discoid lupus erythematous. 

3. Mila Kunis

I would be lying if I said that Mila is not one of the hottest actresses today. Miss Kunis, who is known for her sultry performance in Black Swan, has eyes with each having a different color. Kunis was temporarily blind in one eye because of chronic iritis, and that changed the eye color.

4. Gerard Butler

The 300 star has mismatched ears. This means that one of his ears does not stick out as much because of a surgery Butler had when he was young to cure his tinnitus.

5. Denzel Washington

If you are looking for good action movies, you'll likely find Denzel Washington. What you might have not known is that his right pinky finger is significantly crooked. It was caused by accident when he was playing basketball.

6. Karolina Kurkova

This gorgeous model shocked the world during the 2008 Victoria's Secret fashion show when everyone realized that she does not have a belly button. Kurkova lost it because of an operation when she was still an infant.

7. Lily Allen

The popular and quite rebellious British singer has more than two nipples, just like Harry Styles. She has three nipples, and she showed these on television.

8. Vince Vaughn

The Hollywood comedian's right thumb has a missing tip that was caused by a car accident when he was only 17 years old.

9. Carrie Underwood

This American Idol winner also has three nipples like Lily Allen. However, she had it removed because it looked like some sort of mole.

10. Megan Fox

The sexy actress from Transformers has a condition called brachydactyly that means she has clubbed thumbs. Thus, her nails on the short thumbs remain wide.

11. Dan Aykroyd

This actor from the classic Ghostbusters film has two webbed sets of middle toes on his feet. Pretty weird, right? He jokes that he's a mutant that can probably swim very fast.

12. Ashton Kutcher

Just like Dan Aykroyd, the handsome Ash Kutcher also has a webbed human part, although this is only for his left foot.

13. Mark Wahlberg

One of the awesome action stars out there, Mark Wahlberg admitted to Rolling Stone that he has embraced his extra nipple, which is fairly small.

14. Matthew Perry

When Matthew got his hand stuck in a door, he lost his right middle finger's tip. Hope you're doing fine, Perry!

15. Kate Bosworth

This gorgeous actress has heterochromia, which is a condition that makes one of her eyes dark brown while the other is light blue. However, she often wears contacts to hide the true colors.