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Steve-O Admits His Secret Moments With Mike Tyson Were Mostly About Cocaine And More...

When he was still in Jackass, Steve-O made the audience scream and laugh with his wacky antics. Even now, many people know him from the crazy things he did. However, he also hid some moments of his life from the public. But now, he has finally revealed one of them. Read the story below.

The Jackass star just admitted his big secret.

Steve-O has done lots of nasty stuff throughout his lifetime, but what nobody knew before was that he actually took cocaine with the infamous boxer, Mike Tyson, for three hours.

He crashed into an exclusive party.

Steve-O entered a party that was held in Hollywood Hills with his friends.

But something unexpected happened.

When Steve-O and his friends went to the door and knocked, Mike Tyson answered the door.

Mike Tyson then asked something weird.

The boxer asked Steve-O and his friends if they had some cocaine with them

They then went to the bathroom.

After Steve-O said that he indeed had drugs with him, they did some drugs in a bathroom for three hours.

Mike Tyson and Steve-O had deep conversations.

The things they talked about included issues of race in the United States.

They met each other again somewhere else.

Somehow, the both of them saw each other in a psychiatric ward.

Steve-O had issues with drugs and alcohol.

Before he sought help, he snorted all of the cocaine he could find. He was even taking in dried blood.

He panicked about getting AIDS.

His awful practices made him think that getting AIDS was possible back then.