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These Quadruplet Sisters Were Bullied And What They Did Later Is Courageous

It sometimes so happens that we are hurt and left out by the people we love and loved and cared for by unexpected people. This happened to these quadruplet sisters who were abused by their father, but they fought with everything that came as an obstacle.Read their story.

The Lucci quadruplets

They are only 19 years old, but they've endured so much until now. They had a perfect life, with successful parents, and a massive house in Beverly Hills.

Bianca, Madison, Tiffany, and Paris Lucci

But, their family was falling apart. Their father was an extremely abusive person. He would constantly beat them up, even breaking one of their arms once.

While the father starved the girls, he pampered their brothers

Once, their mother told them she was going to buy them gifts, but then never returned.

They were put in foster care when they were 11

The girls were separated and bullied, and every time they would find a good foster home, their father would tell the foster parents that the girls were miserable and horrible.

So, every parent would reject them

But, they did hold on in those trying times, and got helped by the God-sent angels.

Teachers would see that the girls were starving

And would bring them breakfast.

Some foster parents treated them like their own children

The staff at the group home mentored them