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Here's Something You Never Noticed About Monica's Apartment In 'Friends'

We've all grown up watching the show, Friends. But now that we're going for re-runs of the show and marathons during date nights with our bae, we are noticing the little details that we ignored when we saw the episodes the first time.  Obviously, every show has a few glitches and we caught something rather odd about Monica's apartment window. Check it out here. 

Yes, this is the apartment's window we're talking about.

The small window right above the sink in Monica's apartment.

What we noticed in a few consecutive episodes is that, the scene outside keeps changing.

Sometimes there's a brick wall that keeps reappearing and sometimes there's something else.

It's supposed to be a New York City apartment, but the view outside isn't always the same.

Sometimes we also notice that it's on some rotation mode and the view is different in the same scene itself.

Sometimes, there are clothes hanging outside as well.

In one episode, there was simply nothing outside the window.