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Kids Reply What They Wish To Become When They Grow Up, And The Answers Are Heartbreaking

Vincent Tremeau, an eccentric photographer, interacted with several kids in the west and central Africa as a part of his project- "One day I will". It is a series of photographs where children are dressed as the people they aspire to become when they grow up. In this heart-touching series of photographs, we see children breaking barriers, not letting the poverty and extreme lack of resources dampen their spirits and being optimistic about converting their dreams into reality. Check them out:Source: Vincent Tremeau

Ibrahim wants to be a soldier and fight for his country.

Kadijatu Mamane Zeinan wants to be a teacher.

Salifa Adamou wants to protect forests in Niger

This young girl aspires to be a journalist.

Georgine from Dominican Republic of Congo, wants to be on radio.

This young man wants to be an electrician.

David Kamaté wants to become President of Mali.

This girl wants to be a diamond collector.