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16 People Who Faked Their Kidnapping For Ridiculous Reasons

We are all fascinated by the skillful deception of Amy in Gone Girl. Here is a list of people who staged their own kidnapping but sadly their efforts proved to be unsuccessful. Ridiculous as it may seem but it's the truth. Enjoy some good laugh and get amazed at *how can someone be so stupid*!

1. Sierra ‘CeCe’ Sims

‘One night while walking out of the dorm, Sims was pulled inside a truck, where a man and a woman forced alcohol and pills down her throat. After 24 hours, she was let go by the abductors.’ The all-American and popular girl Sims was a star player in basketball on her team. However, her real interest was music. With rising pressure of basketball scholarship and her desire for music, she gave into binge drinking. One day when she failed to show up at a practice her couch was worried and contacted the police. Later she told the police that she made up the story and was hanging at the nearby Walmart to have some ‘me’ time.

2. Fairlie Arrow

‘A crazy fan grabbed this semi-famous singer and then she was found bound and blindfolded in a roadside.’ All these to get media attention and gain 15 minutes of fame.

3. Rogelio Andaverde

‘He was kidnapped at gunpoint and returned home when suddenly his kidnappers showed mercy on him.’ This story is as fishy as it sounds! All he wanted was to go for partying with friends but was too afraid to tell his wife. So, he planned his own abduction at gunpoint taking help of his friends. How lovely!

4. Jennifer Wilbanks

‘Just before her wedding with fiancé John Mason, she was kidnapped. She was abducted by Hispanic women and Caucasian man who sexually assaulted her for three days.’ She got cold feet before the wedding and to avoid the pressure she found the best way out – faking her kidnapping.

5. Aftab Aslam

‘Aftab Aslam, 19 years old, was kidnapped, and the abductors threatened to kill him if his parents contacted the police. After eight days, he returned home.’ To hide the fact that he failed in his English examination, he thought it is a good idea to fake his abduction. He purchased a cheap phone to make the calls to threaten his parents, who in turn contacted the FBI. For eight days, he was campaigning in the woods.

6. Jason Laperriere

‘On 12th March 2012, Jason Laperriere was held at gunpoint by 2 men over his $12,000 drug debt. They drove across the town for few hours to find his residence. Ultimately, they let them go.’ He cruised around the town where he met a lady. They consumed drugs and had $ex until late night. He conjured the story from thin air to hide the fact from his present girlfriend and to have an excuse for his being late. He also said the name of such drug dealers which triggered warning throughout Canada.

7. Ankit Lavender

‘She was kidnapped by two men and was found lying on the side of road after few hours.’ This is what you do when you want your boyfriend to miss you – stage your own kidnapping! Why? To gain his sympathy and get him back. The parents were charged with compensation of $6000 for the manpower wasted by the police.

8. Rahmell Pettway

‘He was found by police at mid of the road tied and gagged. He was kidnapped by two men in minivan who later dumped him in middle of the road.’ Why he faked it? Just to avoid the anger of his girlfriend as he was away in Brooklyn for two weeks.

9. Caitlyn Rose Pare

‘Her abductor send three texts to her mother, stepfather and boyfriend demanding a ransom of $350. They also got her naked picture. It was before 11 hours that she was released and her captor arrested when the family contacted the authorities.’ She planned her kidnapping to pay off her drug debt of the same amount. The person abducted as her captor knew nothing about all these and was later released. The only reality is she was actually kidnapped by a drug dealer few days back.

10. Quinn Gray

‘She was held hostage and her captors demanded $50,000 from her husband Reid Gray. He being a wealthy health care executive, it was not long before FBI got involved in the case. The captor successfully managed to get the money and after about 90 days Quinn walked into a police station to identify herself. She named her captor who was promptly arrested.’ Quinn and her captor had an affair and they hatched a plan together to extort money.

11. Pawan Verma

‘Pawan’s father received a call from his captors to pay 20 lakh INR (approx. $45,000). Being a smart citizen, he involved the police and soon Pawan was found.’ He was arrested when he tried to pick the ransom money. Why the drama? He wanted funds to go for a vacation to Macau.

12. Maria Brayfield

‘She was found locked inside her own car’s truck. Allegedly, she was abducted from her home by two men, they stuffed her and left to die.’ To avoid being pulled over while drinking and driving, she locked her and later hatched up the abduction story.

13. Joanna Grenside

‘Her car was found abandoned with a rape alert. Police invested every mean they had to find her. After two days, she walked to the police with mud covering every inch of her body. She told that she was abducted and held prison.’ Why? She was a bulimic and did this gig to avoid high-calories food that will be served at Christmas in few days.

14. Monte Vista

‘Monte’s family was contacted by the captors that they have kidnapped her and will kill her if the money wasn’t paid. Her family got in touch with police which showed the other side of the story.’ She just wanted money and the dumbest part is that it was herself who turned up to collect it. Well done!

15. Matthew Robillard

‘Matthew went missing and his family instantly contacted the police. Later, his car was found in a terrible condition. Two days after that, he appeared with burn and cut marks all over his body.’ The police smelled something fishy and as it turned out he faked the abduction to hide the fact that he has invested $2 million in bad investments which actually belonged to his father-in-law.

16. Kid who feared his dentist

‘A European man with a vertical scar on right cheek abducted the kid. He managed to escape his captor after he has taken his 100 miles away from home. And, all these? He was afraid of going to a dentist and so faked his kidnapping.