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John Cena Should Be A Villain To Win His 16th WWE Championship Title, Know Why

Ever since I was young, I had been amazed at how charismatic John Cena was inside and outside the ring. He had memorable matches against Big Show, and I always viewed him as the good guy in WWE Smackdown.  But it has been more than a decade, and perhaps even John Cena needs a change of pace to get what he deserves.

Surprisingly, John Cena is currently playing as the villain in WWE

He has won the WWE championship 15 times, but getting the 16th title requires this change of role

The legendary Ric Flair had to be antagonistic at times to get 16 world championship titles

Moreover, John Cena needs to go beyond his comfort zone as the fan favorite

Ever since winning in Wrestlemania back in 2005 against John Bradshaw, he has always been the good guy

For 12 years, John Cena remained the champion of the champions

In addition, the spotlight will stay on Roman Reigns if Cena remains on the good side

Reigns will not fight Triple H while both Seth Rollins and Randy Orton are injured

Even some fans have booed Cena because they want him to turn heel for at least once in his career