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Dad Trying To Save His Son During A Baseball Game Is Going Viral

Shaun Cunningham took his lad Landon to his first major league baseball game right on his 9th birthday. The boy was so excited about being at this game that he clicked a picture of it on his phone and sent it to his mother. But he had no idea about what was about to happen next. 

A two pounded-bat went flying in the stands towards Landon

Shaun immediately puts his arm in between the bat and his son and saved the lad from getting hit.

Although people find it heroic, Shaun doesn't

He says he was just doing his job, as a father.

Landon didn't even understand what was happening at the time of the incident.

But later he got to keep the bat for himself.

The father and son duo had been at the game at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports

'My dad’s a hero!' Landon told Bay News 9. 'I have a great dad!'

But Shaun's wife Ashley was horrified.

"As a mother, it's a very scary picture, seeing it all caught in action. (Shaun) was definitely the epitome of a hero to my son and my daughter that weekend. I definitely think he had the hand of God, guardian angel, whatever you want to call it, watching over him that day. Absolutely." she says.