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New Research Suggests That Waking Up At Night Is Actually Good For Health

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by the inability to fall asleep. But waking up at night twice or thrice is not linked with any sleep disorder. You must also be aware about the pros and cons of various sleeping position for your health. Health experts believe that 8 hours of sleep is not necessary for healthy body and brain. Waking up during the night might be caused by some health problem or sleep disorder in some cases. But the new research suggests that waking up at night is actually good for health.

According to historical references, full night sleep is not necessary for the body.

Segmented sleep is not a sleep disorder but a natural phenomenon.

In fact segmented sleep is good for health.

People used to practice segmented sleep in the ancient times. Whenever they used to wake up at night, they used to complete the house jobs or do meditation.

The documents from the period of Industrial Revolution also support segmented sleep.

The literature from the period of Industrial Revolution also mentioned about the health benefits of first and second sleep.

Brain is completely relaxed between the first and second sleep.

The period between these sleep is quite productive as brain releases a hormone of relaxation called prolactin at that time.

Our body actually craves for segmented sleep.

The phenomenon of waking up in the middle of the night and then sleep later is known as sleep maintenance insomnia. This sleep disorder is actually a sleep condition which is caused due to lack of segmented sleep.

Never take sleeping pills to combat this sleep condition.

Our ancestors used to practice segmented sleep because it is actually beneficial for body and brain. Although they used to wake up at night due to lack of amenities such as electricity, their body used to retort to the nature perfectly.

They used to sleep at the time of sunset and wake up at the time of sunrise.

It’s because the body responds to light and dark. Try to follow the sleeping pattern of ancestors to live a long healthy life. Share this important information with your friends and family.