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10 Things You Didn't Know About Poonam Pandey

Obviously, this name will ring a bell in everyone's head. Yes, Poonam Pandey was the controversy queen who wanted to strip for the Indian cricket team if they won the World Cup. Turns out, there are so many facts that we didn't know about this 24-year-old model turned actress who is from Delhi.  She owes her entry into the industry through South Indian flicks but her ambition made her get into main stream cinema. Here are a few lesser known facts about Poonam Pandey. 

1. Stripping for Indian cricket team.

She rose to fame when she tweeted in 2011 that she would strip naked if our Indian team won the World Cup. India did win the World Cup but the BCCI didn't let her strip.

2. On Bigg Boss 7.

She was approached to star in the 7th season of Bigg Boss but she rejected the offer because the payment wasn't good enough for her. She had been demanding 3 crore but the channel was ready to negotiate only for 2-2.5 crores.

3. Valentine's Day messages.

For the promotion of her debut film, Nasha, she Tweeted to all her followers that she would be gifting a hot bikini to the fan who would compose the most romantic V-day message for her.

4. On her YouTube video - Bathroom Secrets

She also released a video on YouTube called 'Bathroom Secrets' which was too provocative for the audiences and hence had to be blocked by YouTube later.

5. Her incident with writer, Taslima Nasreen.

She got into a Twitter feud with writer, Taslima Nasreen regarding some offensive tweets. Taslima's tweet, "Poonam Pandey got nak*d but not satisfied. She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get f****d in public!', to which Poonam allegedly replied, "F*ck what people say… Do YOU. Some people will hate you for it, but it’s the ones that love you for it that are more important".

6. Her incident with Chitrangada Singh.

Another war of words on Twitter had happened when this tweet was released from Chitrangada's account - "How do you compete with Poonam Pandey, when she is ready strip for kabbadi matches?". But Poonam wasn't ready to shut down and she replied, "ts so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say. Jealousy. That’s what makes a b*tch talk". As it turned out, the tweet was given out by a fake Twitter profile of Chitrangada.

7. She was also the most searched celebrity on Google in 2012.

8. Stripping for KKR.

In other news, she also claimed that she would strip for KKR in the IPL of 2012 if they won. This time she lived up to the promise and actually stripped for her fans.

9. For releasing vulgar pictures into the newspaper.

Recently, Poonam photoshoped her semi-nude picture next to Sachin Tendulkar (dressed as a Hindu God) along with a Pakistani Bowler bowing down before him. This picture was leaked in a leading newspaper. This matter stirred up a lot of mess in West Bengal and people started protesting because their religious sentiments were hurt. This was taken up to the Chief Minister and he took action against the newspaper.