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13 Loves Of Ronaldo's Life Which His Future Girlfriend Needs To Know..NOW!

Cristiano is our favourite, the one doubting this surely doesn't belong to this universe or the whole galaxy for that matter. But what stuff are Ronaldo's favourites? It is tempting for each of his fans to know the likes and dislikes of CR7. And why not, if the fans can't meet him, at least, they can identify with his favourites.While I am not gonna tell you what all he dislikes (Ronaldo says no to controversies) and I am his unofficial lawyer, I am presenting some of his all time favourites to make your day soccerful. 

1. Favourite Song- I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly

Hell of a musical guy he is. And what a taste he has! #Musical #Motivational

2. Favourite movie- Rocky series and The Sixth Sense

Rocky, obviously, this is why he has that ribbed bod.

Favourite Actress- Angelina Jolie

Woo, is the Moneyball actor, Brad Pitt listening?

4. Favourite Color- WHITE

..of course, isn't it? Real Madrid's official color.

Favourite Music- Elton John, George Michael, Phil Collins and..

..Brazilian music.

6. Favourite Perfume- 212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera

..and this is the reason girls can't help but get attached to him.

Favourite Hobbies- Did I mention his loovve for sports cars?

From cars to music and fashion, everything cool is loved by him.

8. Favourite Sports- Now that's silly.. F O O T B A L L !

When I get older I would be stronger and dance to Waka Waka!

Favourite pastime- Spending time with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Whenever he gets time, he just loves to do that.

10. His favourite girl- Irina Shayk? No, Yes, Oh I am sorry!

We will soon get an update on this. Or if you have, please do comment.

Favourite Food- Bacalhau A Braz

It is made from shreds of salted cod chopped fried potatoes with scrambled eggs. It is garnished with olives to satisfy Ronaldo's hunger.

12. Favourite number- 007? No, JUST 7!

No wonders why all his fans are painted CR7!

13. Favourite Soccer player- Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima

He seems to be obsessed with Brazil. Neymar, yeah he loves the young star too.