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This Photo Of Two Cops Is Going Viral For One Incredible Reason

In recent times, there has been a rise in the negativity amongst people in the way they look at law enforcers, especially the police. There's a feeling of stress in the hearts of people and the air is filled with pressure for both the parties. It's almost stereotypical how they look at each other. The common people feel that the police take the power into their own hands and support corruption. Sometimes, the police are extra cautious and suspicious of the common people in return. There's a lot of distrust going back and forth.However, it is not to be forgotten that there are also the good ones, who risk their own lives to serve you. There are still some police officers who respect the law and order and prefer to abide by the rules. And this is exactly what this photo of this couple - who are both police officers, is all about. Check it out.

Brittany Beard Hilton

This is officer Brittany Beard Hilton. She and her husband, Steven Hilton, are both cops.

Family time

They too, like everybody else, obviously love to spend time with their families. In recent times, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding law enforcers, that has made us overlook the fact that there are a lot of good ones, who put their duty before comfort.

Here's the photo that's going viral...

And here's the reason. This photo of them on duty was taken on Thanksgiving Day, when they were busy serving their duty, rather than being with their families.

There are the good ones on the force too...

There are people who are doing it right.

We must give them their due credit...

...Because they deserve it

So let's not forget...

We should not forget the sacrifices many law enforcers make. Let's not paint everyone in the same colour.