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Chinese Woman Starved To Death After Being Trapped In An Elevator For A Month

Once bitten twice shy: China doesn't seem to behave accordingly to the idiom despite various bizarre and unfortunate accidents, including those of escalator incidents or chefs using rats instead of chicken in restaurants. Only a few months ago, a woman got her head trapped in an elevator at a departmental store and died, and now, the news of a 41-year-old woman dying of starvation in a closed elevator is depressing the internet. Here's what exactly happened.        

It happened in a building in Xi'an, China

The entire fault is of the maintenance workers who shut off the power supply without properly checking if anyone was inside.

Scratches on the walls

Desperate scratches on the elevator wall were reported by the local police. An elevator company was called to repair a malfunctioning elevator in the northern city of Xi'an in late January.

Case of involuntary manslaughter

The workers did not confirm if anyone was inside the elevator and shut off the power supply. They went on a month-long holiday, and when checked the elevator car in March, they found the dead body of the trapped woman.

Many people have been arrested

The police are actively working on the case and have arrested several people in the case of involuntary manslaughter.

The woman lived alone in the building

She was recently divorced and was in depression.

What were the residents doing?

The Chinese media is shocked how could the decomposed corpse and its smell went unnoticed by the residents of the building. But since several residents may have been away on travels to other parts of China during the customary Lunar New Year festivities in February, the elevator and insides of it went ignored.