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10 Life Lessons Neerja Bhanot Taught Everyone After Her Death

After the release of the movie 'Neerja', the Mumbai-based purser for Pan Am and model Miss Neerja Bhanot is being known by almost everyone all over the world. On 5th September 1986, the braveheart Neerja Bhanot was shot dead while saving the lives of 361 passengers and 19 crew members after the Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked.During the hijack time, the patience and the smartness that she showed were beyond applauds. Her incredible act towards the country and humanity led her to win the Ashok Chakra Award and proudly became the youngest one to achieve the bravery award in the country.She not only saved lives of people in that plane but also taught the real life lessons to each and every human being survived the hijack and others too. Let's learn some more valuable lessons of life from her and become a better person. 

1. She taught us to love our work.

2. She taught us to always think good for people.

3. She taught us how to make a wonderful bond with our parents.

4. She taught us to never lose our self-respect.

5. She taught us that girls are not weak, they are stronger than any man.

6. She taught us to be loyal towards our work.

7. She taught us to live the life to the fullest.

8. She taught us that humanity is above all.