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A Genius Mom Transforms Her Baby's Dream to Beautiful Reality!

A perfect picture of innocence is the one that heart goes for. And to capture that emotion of purity is one sensitive matter. Who better than a little sleepy baby? An impressive mom is on an endeavor to take pictures her baby, without causing him much trouble. In his sound sleep, she creates impressive backgrounds. The art lies in the manner in which the kid camouflages perfectly in the set-up.  Further are the pictures the baby taken in a unique frame that looks real, adorable and innocent.Visit her website for more information. If you like these, make sure you also give us a thumbs-up on Facebook and follow us on twitter @WittyFeed.  (h/t : BoredPanda)

Under the hot sun.

Cooking his first meal!

In a fairy tale.

In Gulliver's Travel.

On the verge of being the next Harry Potter.

Like a Ghost!