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7 Reasons Why Akshay Kumar Is The Leonardo DiCaprio Of B-Town

Our Khiladi Aki is allegedly known to be the Leo of Bollywood. We know this one is new and is a little bit hard to slip down your gut, but trust us, these reasons will prove it all.

7. Their real names are longgg with 3g's!

Alright like, did you know Leo was Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio and Aki was Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. Duh uh! We would have never remembered them if they'd carry their beefy names all along. No?

6. Both are born with 'charity' in their blood.

You don't know what they are more, philanthropists or humanitarians! Both are ardent donors and we totally salute them for their social work ethics. #MuchRespect.

5. Both smooched success relatively late.

While DiCaprio sniffed success with Titanic, Akshay scored success with Mohra.

4. Both have been magnetic charmers throughout.

Women literally drooled, err, still drool over them. Couldn't agree more. Their line of affairs just says it all.

3. They're a little too crazy. They sell their shyness to dogs while acting.

They're out and out crazy and real when it comes to acting. Be it WOW for Leo or Rowdy Rathod for Aki, they've both nailed it in their respective avatars. This is why crazy, blatant and funny roles totally suit them the best.

2. Not that they can't carry the serious, slash action centric roles...

Blood Diamond for Caprio and Khiladi for our Khiladi. Umm, it'd be hard to decide who was better.