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He Was Bullied And Insulted...The Way He Transformed His Life Is An Inspiration For All

"It's not about how hard you can hit; It's about how much you can take and keep moving"- Rocky.You love to play a sport and all of a sudden God takes the most important equipment, your hands, away from you and all your dreams get crushed just as your bones. What will you do? Give up? At least, a majority of us will.But this is the time when true champions are made. This is also the time when the power of universe put you on the toughest test of your life. Now whether to give up or to take a stand is all that matters. Let us not talk about the ones who fell short in motivating themselves enough (as they don't deserve a mention) and talk about the minor, extremely minor group of the people who break every negativity and believe in the world of "Yes I can".Dare to create your own universe as this young man did.

Yes, Amir Hussain is left with no arms at all and is a member of State Level Cricket Team

I am still shaking as I am witnessing a man who is able and brave enough to be a batsman while having nothing but a strong neck to hold a bat.

He has left his friends and all the Kashmiri locals spell-bounded and inspired

What's important in life is not what you do with your own life, but how much are you able to inspire the people around you.

Ironman, there is no other name I can think of to define him

Spinning a cricket ball using toes of his right leg's foot, is he even a human? Or a superhuman?

Shane Warne? Virat Kohli? I say Amir Hussain, the best all rounder

No normal one can even dare to think of something that this young man full of adrenaline acheived. He bowls spin, hits fours and sixes and never let anyone raise a finger on him.

How did the tragedy happen?

It all happened after an accident that took place when he was still very young. He lost his limbs in the incident.

This is his life, this is how he manages to eat

Holding a spoon with his foot. Is the food still tasty? Hell tasty I say.

His relative speaks his heart out!

Sports can change worlds. A ball can change the world. If he can, you too can. He proved all this right.

This is how the real gentleman shaves

And you will complain that you need to go to the barber to have a shave, shame.

His teacher showed no interest in teaching a "disabled" man

For me, he is specially and supremely abled and that proves when he uses his foot to write. Is holding a pen with feet against ethics? I laugh at this thinking now.

His father deserves a standing ovation

Because he is the one who listened bad from everyone in the locality and still raised his son with honour.

His daily life can make anyone cry

But with time, he became self dependent.

Wearing clothes, I can never do his way in my entire life

But wow, this cricketer is a heavily self motivated and amazingly powerful.