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Leonardo DiCaprio Won An Oscar And Everyone Apparently Lost It, Go Leo!

Leonardo DiCaprio is a name which is making huge noise in every corner of the world at this very moment. It has been a roller coaster of a ride for this A-listed actor who although being a big name in Hollywood and a widely acclaimed actor never..I repeat, NEVER received an Oscars for his performance, until now. Yeah, it has been all over the internet. Leonardo DiCaprio finally got an Oscars for his noteworthy portrayal of Hugh Glass in the movie 'The Revenant'. Another fact to ponder over is that he has been nominated four times before his grand win on 28th February 2016. His on and off relationship with Oscars has been a topic of conversation since a very long time. They have a history together and it goes something like this..

It has always been like this..

Him chasing Oscars- the love of his life and Oscars never reciprocating his love.

Not for the lack of trying.

Because let's be honest here, he's a great actor. He just failed so many freaking times..

1994: Nothing has been good in the world.

Tommy Lee Jones took home the Academy Award for 'The Fugitive' instead of Leo who was nominated for What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

2005: Oh no..not again.

Movie 'Ray' got Jamie Foxx an Oscars while The Aviator did no good for Leonardo DiCaprio.

2007: We have been weeping together, lLeo.

Forest Whitaker took the golden award home for 'The Last King of Scotland' whereas Leonardo Dicaprio who was nominated for 'Blood Diamond' was left empty handed yet again

2014: All hopes were lost..

When Matthew McConaughey won Oscars for 'Dallas Buyer's Club' whereas Blood Diamond proved to be not so lucky for Leo.

Inside screaming has been a thing for him ever since.

And, memes as well.

Then, came the golden year which will be remembered as 2016.

'The Revenant' was all he needed.

This outstanding movie was not only critically acclaimed for its awesomeness but also grossed approximately 361.2 million dollars worldwide.