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7 Unheard Marvelous Wonders Of The World, #4 Is Just Awesome

We all think about renowned attractions such as the Colosseum, the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal. In any case, there are other great structures even the most enthusiastic voyagers have never known about. A Quora survey was carried out which revealed these seven wonderful places around the world.

1. Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali

The Great Mosque of Djenné is more than 100 years of age and it's the biggest mud-block working on the planet. In 1988, it was incorporated on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a part of the old city of Djenné. Right now, the mosque is shut for sightseers.

Not open to sight seeing

Probably, these measures were taken in 1996 after a sincere photo shoot for Vogue magazine occurred here.

2. Chand Baori, India

Chand Baori, situated in the little Indian town of Abhaneri, is one of the world's most profound stairwells. The goliath structure, looking like an upset pyramid, goes underground for 100 feet.

A total of 3,500 steps

There are three dividers that have 3,500 thin steps organized in flawless symmetry with the sides, driving down to a little greenish lake.

It dates back to when- is still not known

Researchers are as yet figuring out if the stairwell was worked between the IX and XI hundreds of years or 600 years before our period.

3. Palace of the Parliament, Romania

A standout among the most famous Bucharest landmarks, this palace was built when Romania was still the Socialist Republic.

The biggest civil building

The royal residence is the world's biggest, most costly non-military administrative building.

A 12-storeyd palace

It has 12 stories (with eight extra stories underground), and 3,100 rooms covering 330,000 sqm.

4. Stari Most (The Old Bridge), Bosnia-Herzegovina

It spans over the Neretva River in the city of Mostar, and is a present day duplicate of the old extension that was annihilated by Bosnian Croat strengths in 1993.

It was incorporated on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.

Freely falling from over it

One of the traditional tourist amusements is bungee bouncing into the cold waters of Neretva River off this very bridge (24m to 30m of free falling).

5. Kumbhalgarh Fort, India

It is surrounded by a unique wall, which in olden times was known as the ’Guardian of Death’ or the ’Eye of Mewar.’

Took a century to build it

It extends 36 km, and in a few spots is 8 meters high. It took an entire century, from XV to XVI, to construct it. Regardless of the considerable number of wars, the Great Wall of India saw, it was never significantly harmed.

6. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Iran

Built between 1602 and 1619, this mosque has no minarets or courtyard, probably because it wasn't meant to be for public use, but for the worship place for the women of the shah’s harem.

7. Derawar Fort, Pakistan

Built in 1733, it comprises of 40 bastions, which stately ascent from the Pakistani desert. Joined, the stronghold's dividers have a perimeter of 1,500 m and stand 30 m high. Indeed, even neighborhood residents, also voyagers, are rarely mindful of its presence.