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Then Vs Now: Check Out How Twilight Stars Look Like Now

Twilight, this one word ignites so many emotions. Books, movies and dozens of amazing actors have influenced our lives over the years. Do you wonder, what these superstars have been up to during all these years? Yes, they went their separate ways but they're still looking dashing as ever.Age seems to have done them a good benefit so, let's check out how gorgeous our favorite Twilight stars look like 6 years after the series. 

1. Taylor Lautner

Also known for his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight movies.

2. Kritsen Stewart

Bella Swan.

3. Robert Pattinson

Edward Cullen.

4. Anna Kendrick

She played the role of Jessica, Bella's friend.

5. Christian Serratos

Bella's friend, Angela.

6. Edi Gathegi

He played a vampire' role named Laurent.

7. Cam Gigandet

He played a vampire role who was named James, but sadly didn't make it past the first movie due to the death of his character.

8. Ashley Greene

She played Edward's sister, Alice Cullen.

9. Gil Birmingham

He played Jacob's father role Billy Black.

10. Billy Burke

Played Bella's father, Charlie Swan.

11. Kellan Lutz

Played Edward's brother, Emmet Cullen.

12. Elizabeth Reaser

She played Edward's mother, Esme Cullen.

13. Michael Welch

Played Bella's friend, Mike Newton.

14. Nikki Reed

Played the character Rosalie Cullen.