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These Are The Real Freaks In American Horror Story

American Horror Story is critically acclaimed because it gives you chills without making the audience feel dumb. Moreover, the characters are all interesting and the twists are always grand. But do you know the people behind these characters? Read the story below to see celebrities who played characters in Freak Show.

American Horror Story is a terrifying yet beautiful series.

AHS is probably one of the most popular horror series today, aside from The Walking Dead.

One of their seasons focused on a circus freak show.

Each season, AHS concentrates on one theme to develop these strange characters that are all related to one big story. And for Freak Show, the actors and actresses did their best to look like freaks.

The gorgeous Naomi Grossman played Pepper

The sultry Angela Bassett portrayed the freak with unusual breasts.

Sarah Paulson acted as Bet and Dot, but the Hensel Sisters are real people.

The handsome Evan Peters acted as the lobster man.