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Ronaldo Vs Ronaldinho - The Battle Of Legends

CR7 or Ronaldinho, who's better? We fans never get tired of comparing one player to another and rocking our brains trying to find who's better and why. But on what characteristics should we compare them? That is a tough question, isn't it? So here's what's going to happen, below is a list of seven football traits and how both of these magicians with the ball (yeah, yeah... I heard it too; Now get your mind out of the gutter, will ya?) stand to them in retrospect. It is tedious and somewhat unfair to do this task as both of them are so strikingly close, and people are bound to disagree with what any opinion I will form.So to avoid this feud, I will simply list stats and leave the final decision in the hands of my readers.  

1. Goals

First of all, let's talk about overall goals; now I will not go into too much detail, telling you to lot goals they scored for every club they played in. No, I will tell you there overall career goals and national goals, and other information as well, will be based on the same pattern. CR7 has scored 468 goals in his club career and and 55 in national career. Whereas Ronaldinho has scored 279 club career goals and 33 national career goals.

2. Apps

Now let's talk about 'Apps' or appearances made by these two footballers. Ronaldo has made 776 Apps in all club games and 123 Apps in national matches. Where as Ronaldinho has appeared in 723 club matches and 97 national matches.

3. Assists

When we talk about assisting others in scoring goals, then CR7 has 176 assists in his career where as Ronaldinho has 168.

4. Physical Attributes

Now that we have three basic stats out of the way, lets dig into these genius's physical attributes. Ronaldinho in 5ft 11in where as CR7 is 6ft 1in. Ronaldo is considered to be one of the fittest and well built footballer in the history of the game. He doesn't smoke or drinks and he works out like a monster. Ronaldinho on the other hand has been said to be a little over weight and has suffered severe injuries in the past. Though it will be unfair to compare them on this basis as Ronaldinho, as of now is almost 36 years old where as CR7 is only 31.

5. Red Cards

CR7 has 9 red cards where as Ronaldinho has only 4 red cards including all forms of the game.

6. Preffered Position

Ronaldinho as played mostly as played as a second striker or as a mid fielder where as CR7 started off as a winger and he still plays in the same position and more than that he has taken up more complicated roles in recent times based on the team plan.

7. Tricksters

As it's the end of the list, I thought I will conclude with something fun. Both of these maestros are known to have a freestyle bug in them. Both of them are loaded with numerous impressive and somewhat astounding tricks with the ball which they showcase in training or amidst the pitch in a match or whenever they are in a mood. It's pointless to even try and compare them on this basis so I have, as a treat attached a video which I am sure you peeps will like.