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15 Amazing Paintings By Salman Khan

You all have seen Salman Khan doing action or even comedy in movies. But today you are about to see a completely different side of his. The multi-talented Sallu is an artist too! Yes, you heard it right; Sallu bhai likes to paint in his leisure time. All his paintings are locked up in his Panvel bungalow. He sells his paintings at auctions which fetch him a lot of money. Everyone wants to buy anything touched by him. All this money is used by his Being Human organization. Some of his famous paintings are showcased below.

Gautama Buddha:

He likes to sketch religious deities on his canvas. This one is of Gautama Buddha.

Another one of Buddha:

The picture is of Salman khan with his painting of Buddha at an auction. Awesome. Right?

Different deities in one frame:

This painting features 3 different deities from 3 different religions. He believes in oneness of God and tries to convey this message to the world through his paintings.


And this one

Salman likes to paint Jesus on his canvas. These paintings will tell you why he likes to do so. He is undoubtedly better than some of the professional artists.

Bajrangi bhaijaan:

Bhaijaan even painted a masterpiece while shooting for the blockbuster film-Bajrangi Bhaijaan. He gifted this painting to his co-star Kareena Kapoor later on.

Romantic by heart

Romantic Sallu even paints romantic scenes on his canvas. Why do I feel that the man in the painting is Salman himself?


Salman likes to gift his paintings to his close friends. He has gifted his paintings to Boney Kapoor and Aamir Khan.


He made a painting for Aamir khan while he was shooting for Ghajini. He gifted this painting to him to wish him luck for the movie.

Raj Kapoor

He made a painting of the legendary Raj Kapoor and gifted the same to his grand-son Ranbir on a reality show.

Salman even likes doodling in-between shots

Salman likes to doodle in between his shots. Once he went to judge a reality show and on the paper where he was supposed to give marks, he started to sketch Lord Shiva on it. Everyone was amazed on the sets by his talent.