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11 Images Prove That You Have An OCD For Cleanliness

Imagine all the cable wires arranged perfectly, without being tangled with each other. It is not a common sight, that's because all you have ever seen is cable wires so badly mixed up that you cannot bear to even see it.On the other hand, somehow, organised things soothe your eyes so much. Neat, clean, and in their place. This satisfaction that you get is like quenching your thirst after all this hustle bustle in the cities. Take a look!

1. Notice the keyboard

A keyboard that perfectly fits.

2. Like this library

Now, that is called NEAT.

3. This orange peel

Is it possible to peel an orange like this?

4. The wires

Perfectly arranged wires, unbelievable.

5. Toilet paper roll

That is how you do it.

6. A Frozen Lake

The methane bubbles in this frozen lake are just picturesque.

7. Best delivery

The fastest way to deliver goods from a truck.

8. Mat & socks

Look closely, the socks merge so well with this mat.