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She Is Just 1-Year-Old But She Is On A World Tour, Amazing!

Karen Edwards, a 31-year-old nurse and her companion Shaun Bayes were backpackers from a long time. And so they disclosed that they were going to travel the whole world with their little infant Esme. Karen decided to take their 10-week-old baby girl along with one knapsack and fly off to Asia, Australia and New Zealand.Karen proves by her decision of travelling that being into maternity phase doesn’t change your passion. It’s just that now you need to incorporate your baby into your way of life. Take a look at this beautiful story.

1. Karen and Shaun were all time backpackers before Karen got pregnant

Karen with her partner Shaun loved mountaineering and traveled a lot before she fell pregnant. And now she had a baby girl Esme along with them.

2. 10-Weeks-old baby travelled with her mother

Karen after her delivery had not traveled anywhere. And so she announced that Esme being 10-weeks-old will travel with her and Shaun. That was really surprising for all.

3. Baby all set to travel

Karen was actually breastfeeding her toddler that time. Baby Esme was immunized before they left the United Kingdom.

4. Karen, Shaun and baby Esme flew away

Karen and Shaun sold their car, left the job, gave their house on rent and departed for their journey. They traveled to Australia and Asia over ten months with just one backpack.

5. Little Esme innate in London

Baby Esme was born in London with mother from Ireland and father from New Zealand.

6. Oh!! The girl is doomed to travel

Baby Esme, with monkey keeping his hand on her head. Now that’s very fascinating.

7. Well behaved, Miss Baby London

Karen was astonished that Esme behaved and functioned very well during the whole of their journey. She started as a baby and experienced a lot like new sights, scenes, odours as she grew.

8. Esme was wrapped in harness

According to Karen, Esme was very small that she got easily fit in harness when they moved and travelled.

9. Library as an alternative to socialize with other kids

Karen always felt that Esme did not get a chance to socialize with other kids but yes the libraries helped Karen in treating and socializing the child Esme in either way.

10. Esme with her father Shaun

Aww, cutie pie Esme is posing with her dad. The whole family never lived at one place for a longer period as they kept moving all the time.

11. Enjoyed to the fullest but in turns

Everyone can enjoy many adventurous activities like diving, surfing and much more along with their babies along. All you need to do is just considering babies and in different adjusting ways.

12. Karen proves that travelling can be done carrying a child

It is very common thinking of people that after childbirth they can’t travel or visit any place. But Karen proves all the myths wrong and shows that the excursion can be best along with the children.

13. An inspiration for all like-minded travel admiring parents

Karen and Shaun with their baby girl Esme shared all their experiences, information and insight stories that would help any such travel loving family. Hence Karen becomes an epitome for everyone.

14. Bangkok trip for another 3 weeks

The weirdest part of the trip is always coming back to home. Now the trio flew off to Bangkok for another 3-week experience.