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Her new clothing line with sister Kylie.

The 20-year-old was captured on camera leaving Nobu restaurant after her clothing line launch on Monday night.

Kendall & Kylie's Collection.

The new clothing line is called Kendall & Kylie Collection.


Covered up in fur.

The duo arrived in New York covered up in fur making an eye-popping fashion statement.

Slit dress

With her high slit denim maxi dress, Kendall was running a risk of wardrobe malfunction.


Hear hear fashionistas.

Th collection unveiled by the Jenner sisters ranged from $68 and $498.

So much to choose from.

The collection included a number of crop tops, cut-out dresses, and shoes


Kris made an appearance as well.

Kris turned out to be a head turner as well in her plunging pantsuit having sheer lace sleeves along with long train coat.

The diva.

Kylie sported black bolero jacket along with leather sleeves as well as strappy heels and skintight trousers.



The pair flaunted their ultra-gorgeous figure for the camera.

Amazing collection.

'The Kendall + Kylie collection has so many sophisticated pieces. I feel this is really just the beginning and it will become a HUGE brand,'One fan said, 'I literally want everything from the Kendall + Kylie collection. It's basically their wardrobe!'

Family snap.

Kanye West joined the family for the high