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10 Deadpool Facts You Need To Know Before Watching The Movie

Valentine's day is right around the corner, and love is in the air. We can already see couples going into their 'valentine's mode' and shopping for their other halves, buying choclates and flowers and god knows what else. But if you are single, then this time of year, is brutal. Watching all the gooey eyed couples, holding hands and whispering into each other's ears... it's just annoying. But fret not my single friends, because Marvel is bringing something for us singles this valentine's week. Second most anticipated movie of the year, 'Deadpool' is scheduled to be released this week and we couldn't be more excited. But before you lot charge into theaters, here are 10 facts you have to know about Deadpool. 

1. First Time

First things first, Most of you may not know this but Deadpool was never supposed to have a comic of his own, let alone a movie franchise. He first appeared as a villain in 'The New Mutants #98'. Not only that, he is one of the very few characters in Marvel universe who made appearances in almost all the other comics.

2. The Making

Now I am sure you all have wondered sometimes about his name... why 'Deadpool'?. Well he joined a program called 'weapon x' to gain the ability to heal himself and cure his cancer. But the treatment went south and he was transfered into a workshop along with other failed test subject of the experiment, where they were tested and experimented upon. There Deadpool entered a betting pool which the subjects named 'deadpool'. Wade entered it and was given a survival odd of 1000 to 1 and surprisingly he won. Hence, he named himself 'Deadpool.'

3. Deadpool Vs. Deathstroke

Now we all are familiar with DC Comic's character 'Deathstroke' whose real name was Slade Wilson. Allegedly, when the makers were done with the character of deadpool, they found out that what they created, was strikingly similar to Deathstroke. So they decided to name him 'Wade Wilson'.

4. Cap! My Hero!

Deadpool's childhood hero was Captain America. And because he and Cap, are both a part of government experiments.

5. We Love Each Other

We have all seen Spiderman trying to befriend Tony Stark, always chasing him around asking him to be his sidekicks and even receiving few gadgets from him too in new 'Ultimate Spiderman'. Well, the similar relation exists between Deadpool and Spiderman too. Deadpool is mad crazy about him and is always trying to be his sidekick and gain his respect and Spidey is always trying to save his as* from him. This gives way to a really funny and entertaining bromance.

6. Mr. Smug

One of the main reasons behind Deadpool's 'careless and stare the death in the eye attitude' and yes his smugness, is his powers. He can survive a nuclear attack, and walk out, unscratched. He can regenerate his organs and he can re-emerge after being burnt to ashes. He can even survive a beheading. Apart from that, he was the first comic character to break the fourth wall. His sense of humor and his ability to comment int worst of the situations is unparalleled.

7. Run! Cows!

For a bloody lusty, fearless maniac that he is, it is not shocking that he has some of the most absurd phobias. Mr. Smug here is afraid of cows, and his weaknesses are kittens and re-generative beams. Well the last one I understand, but cow and kittens... bro!

8. Shut up! Shut Up! Shuuutt Upppp!

Apart from being physically invincible, Deadpool's greatest power is his big mouth. Mr. Blabber mouth here has defeated many villains, and drove them mad only by blabbering. Now that is a nasty way to kill!

9. Awwww

Deadpool got married many times in comics and had many affairs before finally settling down with Dracula's fiancé. Deadpool also had a daughter 'Elanor'. When he found out about her, he gave her custody to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Emily Preston and moved in the next door to stay close to his daughter, now ain't that cute.

10. Its Like Looking Into A Mirror!

Ryan Reynolds is very excited about this movie, and so are we. Here are the unbelievable similarities between him and Deadpool. And a reason He is the perfect casting for the role:1. Both of them are unbelievably sarcastic and have a brilliant sense of humor.2. Both of their physical attributes are amazingly similar. Their age, height, hair and eye color. Deadpool himself compared his looks to the actor quite a few times in the comics.3. Both of them are Canadian.