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7 Shocking Controversies Of Nargis Fakhri 

Just when you think that Nargis Fakhri is probably the coolest superstar in Bollywood, she throws you a curve ball. From her chat show rumors to her sparks with the dashing Ranbir Kapoor, she's definitely been in the limelight if not for her movie roles but surely for her controversies. Nargis Fakhri can still play it cool and charm your hearts away but that doesn't hide these 7 controversies that she's been involved in. Let's take a look. 

1. The 'Guard of Honor' dispute.

It started out as an honorary reward for the actress towards her work for the endangered tigers, but soon became an outcry in the whole nation because this award was only given out to ministers or high ranking officers.

2. Leaked pictures with Uday Chopra.

She was found to be vacationing in the Maldives with her beau, Uday Chopra and the pictures were leaked out.

3. The supposed breakup.

All was not well in the lover's lane and there were rumors about them splitting up which took over the tabloids.

4. The Salman Khan tiff.

The Bhai who helped her get the item song of her life was also not spared from the rumors. It was believed that she shared cold vibes with him during various interviews because he would pull her leg and order her around everywhere.

5. The chat show controversy.

We can never forget the notorious Koffee With Karan episode with Nargis Fakhri and Freida Pinto. There were a lot of nasty things said which appeared everywhere in the news for days later.

6. The Ranbir Kapoor linkups.

After his dramatic breakup with Deepika Padukone, there were rumors about Nargis getting intimate with her debut movie co-star Ranbir Kapoor.

7. Cosmetic surgery revelation.

The actress admitted that she wouldn't mind going under the knife to make herself look better. She also said that it's completely natural for women to be unhappy with their looks and want to work on them. So there could be a chance that she's already done some procedures on herself which she won't admit as of now.