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15 Shocking Facts About Your Body Nobody Told You Before

We humans hang out with our own body every time and every day, but we take them for granted sometimes. We don’t know but our human body bears numerous secrets. Every moment our body is trying something and performs very great activities that we aren’t aware yet.These facts will help you know all those hidden secrets that you might have never heard before.

Fact #1 Human Baby With More Bones Than Adult.

A human baby is comprised of more bones than what a normal adult carries. A baby carries 60 more bones.

Fact #2 Sweat is Odourless.

We always get stinking smell from sweat. It is not actually sweat that smells so bad, but it is a body odor which is caused when bacteria feed on sweat and leaves waste bi-products with this smell.

Fact #3 Excessive Hairy Person Is Intellectual.

It is found that a person with superfluous body hair is connected with higher intellect. That person carries higher ability of judgement and intuition.

Fact #4 Nose Can Recognize 50,000 Varied Aromas.

Our nose is so peculiar in recognizing almost 50,000 different scents. It remembers all scents uniquely.

Fact #5 25,000 Quarts Saliva In Whole Human Life.

An average human being delivers 25,000 Quarts of saliva in a lifetime, which is sufficient to fill almost two swimming pools.

Fact #6 Iron In Body Can Make A Metal Nail.

Our body contains ample of iron that itself is enough to form a metal nail almost equal to 3 inches in length.

Fact #7 Tongue Print, Amazing!

Every human being possesses unique fingerprints and similar to it each of us carries exclusive tongue prints as well.

I am sure many of you must not know this that when we are awake and alert, our brains produce enormous electricity that can easily power up a small light bulb.

Fact #9 Human Bones Are Tenacious Than Steel.

Human bones are ounce for ounce. They are much stronger and powerful than steel. It is four times greater and can support 18,000 pounds.

Fact #10 36 Muscles Work When We Smile.

By knowing this everyone would definitely start smiling. We exercise at least 36 muscles while smiling. Keep smiling and keep up the hard work.

Fact #11 Taller In Morning Than In Evening.

It is been discovered that after you wake up from your sleep you are almost one half inch taller than your actual height. It is because of excess fluids within spinal discs.

Yes, it is amazing to know that if human eye was a digital camera, it would have 576 megapixels with utmost clarity.

Fact #13 Heartbeat Mimics To Music Listened.

Our heartbeat also listens to music. The music that we hear also causes the heartbeat to change and mimic the music we listen usually.

Fact #14 Bacteria In Mouth Is More Than People In World.

Yes, it is a fact that the number of people in the world is less than number of bacteria in our mouth. Our mouth consists of numerous bacteria and which is more than population of the world.