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11 Shocking Celebrity Facts You Were Not Aware Of

If you feel that you know everything about your favourite celeb then excuse me, your thinking is not at all correct. You will stop looking at your dearest famous faces in the same way again after knowing some unusual yet shocking little-known facts about them.Many of you must not be even knowing that stars have an entirely different world in reel life and real life. Let's know all unknown and behind the scene facts of the actors/actresses below.

#1 Jason Earles Of Hannah Montana played a role of teen despite being 29 years old.

The actor is going to complete his 37 years of life. Doesn't he look so young?

#2 Christian Bale actually hit Heath Ledger in the movie "The Dark Knight."

Wait, before you become an envy of Mr. Christian, let me tell you that Mr. Ledger forced him to do so. So that the scene looks quite realistic.

#3 Jack Nicholson's sister 'June' was in actual his mother.

He found out this fact 37 years after his birth.

#4 Mila Kunis was born with two different color of eyeballs.

The right eyeball is green in color and left one is brown. Wow!

#5 Ashton Kutcher is a perfect business minded person.

He is a reputed product engineer for Lenovo and invested his efforts in Foursquare and Skype during its initial stage.

#6 Mark Wahlberg had a very rough background.

He committed 20-25 crimes till the age of 21 and was in prison for 2 years.

#7 Matthew McConaughey gets sexually provoked while eating.

And this happens because he has a food fetish.

#8 Robert Downey Jr. pissed in jars while filming the movie "Zodiac."

He even protested for not getting enough time to rest.

#9 Sylvester Stallone was the actual writer of the script of "Rocky"

He was homeless till he wrote the movie's script.

#10 Jackie Chan was an extreme poor person.

His parents were so in so much need of money that they almost planned to sell Jackie for paying the hospital bill.