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Enter into the bunker.

Adolf Hitler and members of his senior staff walked into the bunker on January 16, 1945. He was soon accompanied by Eva Braun, Magda Goebbels, Joseph Goebbels, and three dozen members of Hitler's support staff, the six Goebbels children, including nurses, secretaries, and doctors. The real problem arrived when so many people in such a small setting, the whole bunker was narrow and jammed.

The entrance to the Fuhrerbunker.

Hitler moved into the bunker with the perception that the end of his Realm was very near. As he accumulated his aids and girlfriend within the bunker, the Soviet army was starting the Battle of Berlin, enclosing the city and continuing air raids. On April 22, at a Nazi military conference, he finally revealed to himself and his generals that the war was lost, but stated that he would fight to the end and then shoot himself.


The design.

A damaged landmark above the bunker. The area in which Hitler would die was one of two bunkers designed as incursion air defenses in the early 1940s. The Vorbunker lay five feet below the Realm Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, while the better shielded Führerbunker lay 28 feet below the ground in a nearby garden. Entering the lower shelter, a visitor would have found a tiny hallway with a generator and telephone switchboard in the front room on the right and a guest bedroom and meeting room on the left. Hitler's office was convenient from the sitting room, and his bedroom was available from his desk.

The conditions.

When Navy Commander Grand Admiral Karl Donitz meets with Hitler in the bunker in 1945. Life inside the bunker was reasonably dull. Pumps ran on the roof to remove excess groundwater and to elevate clean water. A generator provided a phone switchboard and electricity and radio set, which Hitler used to keep on BBC radio newscasts about the war. Hitler settled in the restricted space for the majority of his stay, exits were only to walk his dog, Blondi and to visit military conferences.


And the end was near.

Hitler's defeat increased fast during the closing week of April 1945. On the 26th, the Soviet army made its first direct hit on the Realm Chancellery and the area above the bunker. On the 27th, the Councils continued to destroy the region and on the 28th, Hitler got word that SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler had offered to quit the German army to Allied forces. Hitler started to plan for his own death.

And they got married just for 40 hours.

As bombs continue to fell, after midnight on April 29, Hitler got married to Eva Braun in a little ceremony inside the bunker. Eva Braun was a 33-year-old German woman who had met Hitler while working as a model for his own artist. She would be Mrs. Eva Adolf Hitler for less than 40 hours. Afterwards, Hitler delivered his last will to his secretary.


How they commit suicide.

As declared, on the midday on April 30, Hitler shot himself while his wife ingested cyanide. By following initial orders, the bodies were removed from the Fuhrerbunker and placed in the higher ground garden where they were burned.

Later discovered the bunker.

Winston Churchill is seen going out of the bunker following the war. After Hitler's death, remaining bunker residents either fled or committed suicide. After poisoning their child's, Goebbels and his wife committed suicide by cyanide.



Later, Soviet soldiers investigate the high shelter. After the war, the chancellery was destroyed by the Soviets to erase Nazi landmarks. Now, the Führerbunker has been refilled, and all that lingers is a marker highlighting a diagram of Hitler's last resting place.