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This Dog Needs Your Help, You Will Fall In Love With Him After Seeing THIS

The short spine syndrome, as the name itself suggests, refers to the spine being shorter than its natural length that is to be typically expected. And Quasimodo is an example of a dog suffering from this condition, which is actually very rare. Scroll down to read this German Shephard's full story.

Typical German Shephard.

This is a typical German Shephard. But Quasimodo isn't like that.

Unlike most dogs.

Quasimodo isn't like most dogs because he suffers from short spine syndrome, something that only 13 other dogs suffer from in the whole world.

X-ray of his back.

The x-ray shows his twisted spine.

Being taken care of

Secondhand Hounds, an animal shelter in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is taking care of the 4-year-old dog.

No intention to be made fun of.

The name that he has been given has not been done to make fun of him. This is what his Facebook page has to say about the name: "His name is in no way shape or form making fun. Sara (Quasi's coordinator with SHH) and Terri (his advocate in KY) picked the name because Quasimodo was a protagonist. The Quasi of SHH is our hero because he is the definition of the qualities we all admire in our dogs. Born different but never knowing any other way, he seeks to please the people who have shown him kind hands and warm hearts. He may not look like many dogs on the outside, but his heart and soul shine through and make him one of God’s most beautiful creatures."

Restricted movement.

Quasi can't move his turn his head. However, he is not in any pain because of that.

Being treated.

He had surgery to remove an embedded collar in his neck, and soon his "screw tail" will be fixed as well.