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This Man Shaves Beard After 40 Years For A Heartwarming Reason, Inspiring!

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? As much as some people believe that it was simply a waste of water and time, the challenge actually raised awareness about the ALS disease.ALS, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a disease that is characterized by the death of neurons. People who have ALS eventually become unable to speak, swallow, and breathe properly. Thankfully, the Ice Bucket Challenge and one man's small sacrifice have helped people with ALS. Read the story below.

This is Ralph.

Ralph Lethbridge has a spectacularly long beard that he finally got shaved for a good reason.


The simple task of taking his beard off became quite a popular event.

A very great cause

Ralph Lethbridge had his beard shaved to help raise money for his dear friend.

Growing it since the age of 16

Mr. Lethbridge had been growing his beard since he was just 16 years old, but now was the right time to change.

A lot of visitors

Many people went to the skating rink to witness the moment.

So many people donated money

A total of $51,000 was collected for the charity event. The money will go to a local charity focusing on ALS.

Ralph's wife was happy

Not only did Ralph help raise money to fight the disease, but his wife was also glad that he finally has a new look after 40 years.

Dear friend

Ralph Lethbridge's friend named Larry was diagnosed with ALS disease. Larry was so happy for the effort made by Ralph to help him that he began to cry.