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#IsThisHumanity: The World Needs You To Raise Your Voice

People have discriminated themselves on the name of different religions, but the truth is- humanity is the only religion which binds the entire world together. Before being anything else in the world, we are humans, who are expected to follow empathy, compassion, kindness and humanity. The status of the world shows the different sides of human beings which is totally opposite of the humanity. Only the physical structure makes the humans look like humans, but when it comes to action, they are killing innocents and ruining the society like devils. It's a time to raise the voice and fight for humanity! Come forward. Save lives. Save the world. 

Europeans kill around 60,000 horses to celebrate the festival.

Every year hundreds of animals are killed in India.

China has been slaughtering thousands of dogs every year for Yulin festival.

They give pain to other living beings in the name of their God.