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This Girl Believes She Is A Cat Trapped In Human Body

There comes a time in someone's life when you decide that you are a different person. However, this woman goes one step further and believes that she is actually not a human. Could it be possible that she was truly a cat all along? Read the story below to determine whether she is simply playing along or if she is quite serious about her revelation.

Meet Nano

Nano believes that she is a cat that was trapped inside the body of a human.

When she was 16

Nano felt that she was truly a cat when she reached the age of 16.

Heightened senses

Nano says that she has a greater sense of smell than the average human.

She can see in the dark

The 20-year-old girl from Norway also argues that she can absolutely see in the dark.

Talking through meowing

She talks with her best friend Svien in a cat language composed of a lot of meowing.