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She Consumed 6 Litres Of Coca-Cola Everyday, This Is What Her Addiction Has Led To

Everyone has a habit but if the habit becomes an addiction, it can show severe signs of danger over the person. Here, we have 41-year-old, mum of three Kathy O’Sullivan, from Portsmouth, who is immensely addicted to Coca-Cola. She drinks around six litres of Coke daily which in turns equals to 2,000 calories and 163 teaspoons of sugar a day.Due to her deadly habit, she has spent around £2,000-a-year and moreover to it, according to doctors she needs to have blood transfusions to save her life.Let's find out more about her severe addiction and share this with Coca-Cola lovers to be aware.Source: DailyMail

Kathy is the mother of three children and divorced

She started consuming fizzy drink when she was just 13-year-old and continues till date.

Her addiction has been worse now

Kathy works in a call centre and tries a lot to get rid of her habit, but every time she has been left in misery with severe shakes and cold sweats.

Afraid of her deadly habit

She has a single kidney by birth and doctors have warned her that this habit could lead her to death very soon.

Tries hard to stay away from fizzy drink, but can't!

She even moved to Turkey to stop herself from consuming Coke, but all her attempts failed.

Calorie counts per day

Kathy drinks around six bottles of Coke per day, which is equal to 2400 calories and 163 teaspoons of sugar in a day.

Her statements about addiction

Kathy's points on her habit - "My addiction is shocking and it is ruining my life. I drink six litres every day and always have a bottle with me. My dentist says my teeth are badly discolored and the enamel is eroded by all the sugar. He says if I can’t stop I need to drink Coke through a straw but I just don’t enjoy drinking it that way."

More of her statements

Kathy says: "Over the years I have collapsed where I am so anaemic and have had three blood transfusions. I know I don’t eat properly. While I am continually burping because I am so full of gas, I just don’t feel hungry. The problem is all the calories in the Coca-Cola fills me up."