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This Is The Ultimate Smartphone You Can Smoke, Amazing!

A US based company - Vaporcade, is offering a fun way to smoke.Jupiter e-cigarette smartphone is the most bizarre and cool thing today. This phone will let you gain a submersion experience while smoking your favorite flavor and thereby this will also help you quit smoking.Check out this other phone that does nothing and this awesome product.

First of its kind

The Jupiter IO 3 is the word's first smoke-able smartphone that comes with a vape.

Android Kitkat 4.4 Operating System

It runs on android Kitkat 4.4, is a 3G smartphone, and costs $299 to your pocket. But, guess what, it is worth it!

Shared battery between the phone and vape

The phone has a single battery which is shared among the vape and the phone. So, if you're nowhere near a plug, and your phone is about to die, you might have to smoke less for a larger life of the battery.

Attach the cartridge

The smartphone has an opening at the top below a plastic cover, where the mouthpiece can be attached, and also a flavored cartridge can be set in. Now, you can straight fill your lungs through the phone's mouthpiece.

A button to regulate the heat

It comes along with a button that can regulate the heat and thereby give you a stronger pull. The cartridge costs $15 each and comes in varied flavors like - mint, peach and coffee, promising about 800 puffs.

The awesome Vaporcade application

The Vaporcade application on the phone tells you about the battery life, the flavor of the liquid, and as to how much you have already puffed in. You could even set a goal of a fixed number of puffs, after which, the app will notify you to stop.

The benefits aren't confirmed yet

US Federal Communications Commission is claimed to have approved of it, but the efficiency of the device in curbing smoking in a person is still in question. Although, you might as well expect a 4G model for $499 in the next few months.