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7 Hilarious Presents To Surprise Your BFFs

A best friend is that person of one's life with whom you have the most amusing memories. Whenever you remember those events, they give you tears if your best friend is not with you. We have a lot of friends; some are pen friends, with some we have common book interests, some are college friends, school friends, etc., but a best friend is the one with whom you might not have any sort of common liking but yet you are the best person to each other. So to add some fun in your best friend's life and to tell them that you are one in yourself, gift these amazingly funny gifts and laugh together.

1. Fart Extinguisher

Now dear best friend, you will not hesitate to fart anywhere as this small and handy gift will be always there for your rescue.

2. Toilet Mug

This is for those times when you were busy and missed my call and said that "Sorry! was in the washroom".

3. Animal butt magnets

Just for your beautiful butt, I present this to you.

4. Instant Excuse

So if you are in a hurry, this will be your help in disguise. Just open it and choose the suitable one.

5. Bullshit Caller

6. Magic poo

This will ease your pain. Just see this; your energy too won't get wasted. It's all about talent.

7. Buttface Towel

This one is the ultimate. For those crazy and confused times when you wonder and I should not explain this further, ahem! ahem! I hope you understood.