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8 Brilliant Eyebrow Hacks Every Girl Must Know

Beauty lies in eyebrows, agree?It's important to keep our tiny arches on point at all times. But, unfortunately, most of us don't know to frame our eyebrows correctly. Don t worry if you are one of us and not aware of the correct way to shape it, down here we have some pictures that will guide you very well. 

1. Don't extend your eyebrow too long.

2. Avoid pointy arches as it gives you an angry look..

.. even though if you're not.

3. If your brows are not in frame then it..

..will give you dull looks.

4. Highlighting your eyebrows can put a lot of limelight on your arches..

.. so avoid as much you can.

5. Stop over filling your eyebrows...

..as it can give you an awful look.

6. Use a pencil mascara or brow powder to fill the sparse spot.

7. Filling is not just all enough..

you have to also blend it properly to get a natural arches.