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Top 8 Weirdest Royal Rumble Entrants Of All Time

WWE is supposedly the mecca of wrestling. Every year a 30-men match is held at this mecca known as the Royal Rumble. Every year WWE sign new wrestlers who debut in the match. The fans eagerly wait for this day as it is the day where they come to know about new stars that get to join WWE this year. This article tells you about the worst Royal Rumble entrants of all time.

Carlos Colon:

He was a popular name in Rico and was often referred to as the god of wrestling over there. However, he took everyone by surprise by taking part in the 1993 Royal Rumble match. No one expected him to join WWE at that point of time.

Sabu was expected to participate in the 1996 Royal Rumble match. Due to some speculations, the ECW star couldn’t wrestle that year. However, he took part in the Royal Rumble in 2007. No one expected Sabu to be there, yet he was there, smashing tables.

The Squat Team:

The squat team managed to enter the ring in 1996 for a Royal Rumble match. Since they had not entered the WWE ring before this, everyone was surprised to see them. Both of them got eliminated very soon in the match.

Dick Murdoch:

Dirty “Dick” entered the WWE ring after ten long years in 1995. He entered the match at the 27th position. His long absence from the ring made his entry very surprising.

Doug Gilbert:

Doug surprised everyone by entering the 1996 Royal Rumble match. Most of the people in the audience didn’t even know who he was and what he did. Doug was eliminated almost immediately after being chock slammed by a debutant that year.

Michael Cole:

Michael, known for his commentating skills made a stupid decision in 2012. He decided to participate in the Royal Rumble match that year. He was eliminated immediately.

AAA luchadores:

AAA and WWE made an agreement in 1997. The Royal Rumble match that year had the most number of AAA wrestlers. Rey Mysterio used to wrestle with AAA before entering WWE.

Drew Carey:

The famous comedian decided to participate in Royal Rumble match in 2001. He lost track of the match pretty soon and was eliminated almost immediately.