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Funniest Quotes From The Ladies Of "The Office" That Will Make You Go LOL

Television shows are the best option to pass the time, only after reading books. We watch them all the time for fun. There have been millions of shows we have watched over and over again because they are just amazing. We use the quotes used in them all the time. Source

1. The office

The Office is one of such amazing shows that we watch and love over and over again. Starring Steve Corelli, John Krasinski among others.

2. The ladies

The ladies in the series are Jenna Fisher as Pam, Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor and others.

3. It's what we were thinking

People think that only guys think such things, but please, she just said it loud this time.

4. Shut up

OMG, Angela, you are killing all my desires by saying such a mean thing. Shut up.

5. What?

Imagine getting your trophy and realising that it is so really really messed up, it depresses you.

6. What a player!

Okay, Meredith, you are a player, such a great amazing player. Sad that your dreams are shattered in just one sentence.

7. What a subtle dig

That amazing moment when Jan made this subtle dig at Pam. What a great thing, thanks but no thanks.

8. What people like about me?

That amazing moment when Phyllis did this. I mean come on, we all wonder this question all the time.

9. What's that?

I mean, no Jim could you literally tell me what that is? Like really?

10. I'm exposed to Harry Potter

Hello, I am so into Dark Arts, all thanks to J.K. Rowling, the queen that ruled our hearts.

11. Invention

That amazing moment when Kelly just invented some new medical terminology.

12. My sex life

People are usually shy about their sex life, but Phyliss, no, she isn't afraid to open up about it al all. AT ALL.

13. What inspiration

That moment when Meredith gave this amazing and inspirational speech.

14. What?

Phyliss is showing everyone how proud she of her man. That's true love.

15. A mistake

That moment when Meredith made this sartorial mistake, Hahaha.

16. This is it

This is the place you're meant to be, like if you know what I mean. I'm really glad we had this conversation.

17. Tune out

That moment when Kelly understood her best. Sometimes, you do need to tune out.

18. I wish

You think I wrote that note? I really wish I wrote it, totally mean like I wanted it to be.

19. Word of advice

When Meredith shared her mothers advice, oh how we all need this advice in our life.

20. It's not an easy job

Well, maybe my department just has me in it, and all I have to do is handle myself, it's not an easy job, believe me, I'm tough to handle.

21. New Year Resolution

I have a New Year resolution that I am going to follow just this week, you know New Me.