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Yami Gautam And Pulkit Samrat Are Getting Married

This couple has been in and out of the news for a while now. Earlier on, there were rumors that Pulkit cheated on his wife Shweta Rohira with Yami but those were put to end when Shweta became the ex-wife. Now, more rumors have spiked up claiming the adorable duo is planning to get hitched. Here's the entire story. 

There were a lot of rumors on the couple, Pulkit and Yami.

Pulkit's ex wife, Shweta gave a grave reaction after facing so many speculations on the couple.

Salman Khan told Pulkit to give his marriage a second chance.

Salman happens to be Shweta's Rakhi brother and advised Pulkit to give his marriage another chance.

After a while, the couple was thought to be broken up.

After the news of the great Bhai giving advise to Pulkit, there were rumors about this couple breaking up.

But now, this is the new headline about their relationship.

They are planning to get married soon!

Yes! The couple is waiting for the divorce to be finalized and all the buzz to settle down so they can make their relationship official.

All this news has given their upcoming movie some great publicity.

Sanam Re will be releasing soon starring Yami and Pulkit. The movie is getting on the popularity ladder due to the news regarding this couple.