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10 DIY Hacks That Will Make Your Jeans Look Cool AF

Has your favourite pair of jeans got older and has no charm left in it? Let me save you a few more bucks. Instead of buying a new pair, let's innovate on the old one.  I have some awesome DIY tips for you, to make your fave jeans look awesome and new.Have a look on these ten hacks and make your old jeans wearable again. 

#1 What's the best way to keep jeans as it is?

Don't wash them. The more you wash your jeans, the more it will get faded and discolored.

#2 But if you wash your jeans then?

Then, turn the jeans inside out first and then, after washing, air dry the jeans instead of machine drying.

#3 How to expand jeans life?

According to the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., "if you don't wash the jeans frequently then its color and shape will remain longer."

#4 Don't know what to keep in the mini pocket of the jeans?

Girls, you have a good option to keep bobby pins inside the mini pocket.

#5 Zipper of your jeans doesn't stay up?

Then not to worry, friends, use a binder ring to hold your zip up.

#6 Wanna make your jeans tighter?

Machine wash with hot water and machine dry with high heat will make your jeans tighter.

#7 How to get rid of bad odor from jeans?

Fill the spray bottle with cheap vodka and spray it over the jeans. Ta-da, your jeans is now odourless. Save yourself from embarassment. 

#8 Don't know how to tuck your jeans perfectly into your boots?

I'm sure the steps in the picture have solved your problem.

#9 How to hang your jeans in a wardrobe without a hanger?

Shower curtain hooks will help you out in hanging your jeans.

#10 OMG! You sat on a chewing gum?

Ha-ha, don't panic just use an ice cube and remove the gum easily.