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10 Times Autocorrect Ruined Relationships 

Love stays alive through letters and messages. But can these messages also ruin the relationship? Totally, all you need is an Autocorrect and your job is done.  Autocorrect has in the course of time ruined many relationships with it's amazing ability to change words at any random moment it wants to.  These may not be so happy for them, but they are hilarious for us. And a person with intentions to ruin too.  Images via Guff

1. Oh, Kick me

So, the mood is right. The person is talking all romantic and kinky stuff to their partner and then kiss become kick. Bro, hope you reach second base.

2. Those big beautiful

Don't you think this guy is going too much just after the first date only? Oh no, he isn't. Damn autocorrect.

3. Our Fuhrer

So, are your dreams made of the sexy and dominating Hitler? I hope not, this not the sight I wanna see.

4. I'd rather sleep

This guy imagined that they'll do crazy stuff in bed, but the girl didn't surely want that.

5. What do I send?

Dude, send me flowers, love and everything sweet and romantic. But, look at the place too, CAREFULLY.

6. ILY

ILY is the short form for I love you, but then it's a short form, and it can be anything you want it to be.

7. Something's missing, I think.

My hart and my heart are beating and beating, but it's missing something essential. Oh, a typo.

8. Breastfeed me

Oh, what an amazing time to say such a thing. You cannot just hope for autocorrect to choose.

9. Rich is sexy

So, Rich is your name and trying to get girls with that name is your game. Bro, never reveal this secret.