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Dumbest People on Internet!

No one wants to be dumb. They Hilariously end up doing silly things and become internet sensations when they go viral. It's really hard to believe that people can be so dumb. But believe me they are, go on and look for yourself.   VIA - Imgur


A great status ruined by the Real Fact.

Calling All 12 year old's.

Is it some problem?

The White Male phenomenon!

Talking about Rape Analogy.

'Magoring' in Women Studies.

The Trolls.

Some Hilarious stuff there.

Shutting up each other.

Just a Warning.

A dumb question on Indian culture, aptly answered.

Why are they even fighting?


Again, some white men stupidity.

Whom to blame?

Last but not least, there are people on Internet who take a parody account as real.

Feel free to share this with your dumb friends, Just Kidding!