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What If Hogwarts Had Snapchat, #8 Is So Hilarious!

Just like social media has taken over the muggle lives, have you ever wondered what happens in the wizarding world? What if Hogwarts had social media like Snapchat? What kinda snaps would the little witches and wizards would be uploading to all their friends?  Whatever it is, it surely must be hilarious! Let's take a look.  Via Buzzfeed

1. Dolores Umbridge is doing her thing!

Let's hope she won't establish another Decree to ban Snapchat at Hogwarts after seeing this.

2. Poor Ronald Weasley

Remember the flying car in The Chamber of Secrets?

3. I put my hair up in the air sometimes..

Singiny aye-o, I'm Snape-Oh.

4. Snitch ain't one.

5. Trooool in the dungeon.

Let's just snap chat before fighting the troll and probably get killed in the process.

6. I didn't wanna get there.